In this informative Podcast Series, I interview leading experts from across the globe about a range of fertility issues from miscarriage and diminished ovarian reserve to stress, endometriosis, egg freezing, donor conception, surrogacy and more.

2601, 2023

Preconception Tests – with Dr Ali Hodgkinson

In this episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast we talk about preconception testing. When should you be speaking with your GP? Which test should you be getting done? What about your partner? Getting the right tests can help identify and address issues nice and early to set you on the right path to a healthy pregnancy. I know I see some patients who come to me with folders of tests after a few [...]

112, 2022

Chinese Medicine – The Yin and Yang of Fertility and What You Need to Know to Support Your Journey – with Amy Forth

If you’ve been trying to conceive for any length of time, you’ll have likely heard about acupuncture or maybe received an acupuncture treatment yourself. In this episode we dig beyond that and look at the foundations of Chinese Medicine and Fertility and how they can help you. What does Ying and Yang really mean? What is QI and how does it relate to your fertility? Plus we’ll be talking about the 5 elements [...]

1711, 2022

Infertility – A Man’s Perspective with Infertility Man Jon Summers

Infertility is a team sport.  Yet, for many, the focus is on the woman.  Not only in regards to preconception health, testing, treatment and diagnosis, but also around emotional health and support. Jon Summers is leading the charge when it comes to opening up this conversation around infertility for men. Just like women, men can experience a fertility diagnosis. And just like women, that diagnosis brings it uncertainty, fear, guilt and all sorts [...]

311, 2022

New IVF Technology – How new embryoscope technology can improve pregnancy outcomes – with Dr Lynn Burmeister

In this episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast I’m speaking with a special guest who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for a number of years, to help support patients towards their healthy pregnancies and whose name is really synonymous with fertility.  That’s renowned gynaecologist, IVF and Fertility Specialist Dr Lynn Burmeister. Dr Lynn Burmeister is a renowned gynaecologist IVF and Fertility Specialist and the owner and Medical Director at No. 1 [...]

1310, 2022

Egg, Sperm and Embryo – What you need to know to create a healthy pregnancy with Embrologist Lucy Lines

In this episode we delve into the really early stages of life and talk about biology of what’s needed to create a healthy pregnancy. What really happens when egg and sperm meet? How does fertilization occur?  Why do some eggs fertilise but not continue to grow? What is a blastocyst? How and when does implantation occur? And what can we do to help optimise this process to create a healthy pregnancy. Lucy Lines [...]

2909, 2022

Probiotics and Your Microbiome. Why your microbiome matters and what you must know BEFORE taking probiotics for your fertility health with Functional Nutritionist Emma Park

Your microbiome plays a crucial role in your reproductive health, affecting hormone metabolism, inflammation, immune function, receptivity to pregnancy and more. The reproductive system was once considered a sterile environment, but recent research has shown the presence of a microbiome not only in the gut and vagina but also in the ovaries, fallopian tube and uterus! Imbalances in this microbiome can lead to reduced pregnancy rates and increased risk of miscarriage. And it’s [...]

1509, 2022

COVID and Male Fertility. The Impact on Sperm Health and What You Can Do – with Rhiannon Hardingham

Do you know the impact of COVID on sperm health? It can be significant! In this episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast, I speak with a fabulous colleague, Naturopath Rhiannon Hardingham, about the impact of COVID 19 on sperm health. We discuss how COVID affects male fertility why men are more affected than women preventative measures you can take to minimise the impact treatment strategies to help during infection what to do if [...]

109, 2022

New IVF Technology – Less Injections, Less Hormones, Less Cost! Is this for you? – with Professor Robert Gilchrist

In this episode, I speak with Scientist and Researcher Prof Robert Gilchrist, who’s research is changing the landscape of IVF and infertility treatment. His research into In-vitro maturation (IVM) (IVM) is enabling a form of infertility treatment that is less expensive, less invasive, less injections and less side effects than traditional IVF. • Learn how IVM works • The benefits and draw backs compared to traditional IVF • Where you can access [...]

1108, 2020

Pap Smears and Fertility: Expert Insights

Sponsored by Zycia Natal Nutrients So, you know a regular pap smear is important, but what do the results really mean? What are they screening for? Does is affect your fertility or the progression of a healthy pregnancy? In this episode I speak with Dr Alice Huang who answers these important questions and explains everything you need to know about Pap smears, including the new advances which are providing more scope in testing [...]

606, 2020

Fertility Preservation with Dr Genia Rozen

Whether it's plan A, plan B or plan C, there is a path to your baby. In this episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast, I speak with Dr Genia Rozen about the evolving world of fertility preservation. We discuss egg freezing, embryo freezing, sperm freezing and uterine tissue freezing. How they work, what the the benefits are and when they may be appropriate for you. Genia Rozen is Gynaecologist and Fertility specialist from [...]

1903, 2020

Fertility over 40 with Women’s Health Naturopath, Angela Hywood

In today's episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast we’re talking about a topic which is growing enormously and that’s Fertility over 40. I know in my practice I’m seeing more and more women starting or growing their families in their 40s. But biologically, how fertile are we? What are your chances, really? And what can you do to stack the odds in your favour. Today we’re going to be answering all these questions [...]

511, 2019

Your lunar cycle with Tracy Gaibisso

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while you probably know about ovulation trackers and temperature charting, well today we’re going to be looking at a different way of charting your menstrual cycle and that’s via your lunar cycle. In this intriguing discussion we talk about the origins of the lunar cycle (it was actually developed by a Doctor) and how you can use your lunar cycle to optimise you chances of [...]

1909, 2019

The PCOS Diet

In this episode I speak with Women's Health Dietitian, Stephanie Valakas. We discuss the most common hormonal disorder found in women, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS as it’s most commonly known. PCOS affects around 10% of women in Australia and can have a significant impact on fertility and our ability to fall pregnant. We discuss symptoms and diagnosis, but most importantly in the episode we do a deep dive into diet and [...]

1709, 2019

Egg Freezing – what you need to know with Dr Lynn Burmeister

In this episode I speak with renowned Melbourne Fertility Specialists, Dr Lynn Burmeister about a very topical issue. One which is growing rapidly. And that’s egg freezing. More and more women are turning to egg freezing as an 'insurance policy', if they haven’t met Mr Right or are just not ready for a baby right now, but know it’s something they want in their future. But how much of a guarantee of a [...]

1208, 2019

Fertility Fundamentals With Gina Fox

Whether you are going through IVF, struggling with infertility or just wanting to prepare for a healthy pregnancy in this episode we talk about the fundamental things you need to know about your diet and lifestyle that will have a significant impact on your ability to conceive; on your ability to carry a healthy pregnancy and on the long term health of your future baby. It is in this precious preconception period that [...]

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