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In this interview, I have the pleasure of speaking with reproductive researcher Dr Jess Dunleavy about her latest research uncovering the root cause of male factor infertility and how you can optimise sperm health.

Dr Jess Dunleavy is a Research Fellow in the Male Infertility and Germ Cell Biology lab in the School of Biosciences at The University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on understanding the fundamental mechanisms that drive sperm production, with relevance to male factor infertility, contraceptive development, and the implications of compromised ‘reproductive’ genes/proteins on health more broadly.  She has a particular interest in the dramatic remodelling processes that transform nondescript sperm precursors into highly specialised sperm cells that possess a motorised tail and a streamlined hydrodynamic shape – rendering them capable of surviving and traversing the female reproductive tract and achieving fertilisation.

In this episode Dr. Jess Dunleavy joins me to shed light on the fascinating world of male infertility, sperm production, and the broader implications of her groundbreaking research.

You can find out more about Dr Jess Dunleavy at the links below.

Email – jessica.dunleavy@unimelb.edu.au

Website – https://findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/profile/880911-jessica-dunleavy

Twitter – https://twitter.com/jessdunleavy


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