Emily’s Story

My name is Emily, I am 44 years old and would love to share my fertility journey to which I truly believe that without Tasha’s guidance and help I would not have become a first-time mum!

At the age of 41 I commenced my journey to motherhood. Building a career and more importantly not being with the right partner until this age was the main reasons in the delay in trying to have a baby, however as soon we made the decision to try for a family, we were greeted with statistics which made it feel like a near impossible task!

After 6 months of trying naturally we embarked on an IVF journey – as we were told that “at your age this is really your only viable option”.

Through our fantastic IVF doctor, I was introduced to Tasha – I started following her on Instagram and watching Insta-lives that she did with my doctor which were great, but I honestly didn’t action any of the advice shared.

However, IVF for me was an absolute failure – our 1st cycle was cancelled due to only producing 1 x follicle, the next cycle we got to egg retrieval but only produced 4 x eggs with only 1 fertilising but we never made it to the 5-day embryo transfer.

After this disappointment we decided to try one last time with IVF – buying all the meds again in preparation, waiting for Day 1 of our cycle to arrive!

However, Day 1 never did – we found out we were pregnant naturally –devastatingly though at 7 weeks we suffered a miscarriage. To our total shock 2 months later we were pregnant again – only for it to end in another miscarriage at 7 weeks – 2020 was definitely a year to forget!!

At the beginning of 2021 we thought we would still try for 1 last IVF cycle (hey, the meds were still in the fridge!) however with 2 x failed IVF cycles followed by 2 x miscarriages we deep down thought that at my age, our attempt at starting a family was just not going to happen.

Before commencing a 3rd IVF cycle, I decided that as a last attempt I would do everything I could to be the healthiest possible version of myself. Listening to Tasha via Instagram I had heard about the 90 days and that you only need 1 good egg! – its quality over quantity when it comes to fertility! At this point I decided to enrol in Tasha’s My Fertile Pantry program – My only regret is that I wished I had done this FIRST instead of last!

Tasha has designed a program that is easy to follow and having weekly sessions with her was fantastic. Following the program, I decided to do 1:1 consults with Tasha who personalised things for me by checking my blood work and advising additional supplements to take etc.

At this point though, each month we kept putting off the next IVF cycle as we weren’t sure we could cope with the disappointment again.

Then in August 2021 we got the surprising news that again we were pregnant – naturally! After our experience the previous year we weren’t getting too excited and by this stage I was now 43! however this time at my 7 week viability scan there was a heartbeat – I was in total shock!!!

I continued to have consultations with Tasha throughout, and our pregnancy went extremely smoothly – and in March 2022 we welcomed our beautiful, healthy baby girl – Eloise!

I know that conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy/birth is more challenging in your 40s but I cannot stress enough the quality over quantity advice which I had only heard from Tasha – we are forever grateful for your guidance and support in helping us becoming parents! – Thank you Tasha!

Listen to Emily share her personal journey to pregnancy at 43 on othe Conceive Baby Podcast

Sarah and Lee’s Story

My name is Sarah and I’m 31 years old, my husband is Lee who is 35 years old and we would like to share our fertility journey with you. We have been together for 11 years and married for 4 years. We have been trying to conceive for 2 years.

The first couple of months we weren’t really trying as such, then in February 2019 I went to my GP and told her our plans and that’s when I was diagnosed with PCOS. We were told it’s definitely possible to fall pregnant with PCOS but 6 months later I still wasn’t.

We made an appointment with a leading fertility specialist who advised on further testing to see if there was anymore issues that could be stopping us falling pregnant. It turned out that Lee’s sperm wasn’t the fastest which was a bit of an issue. Working with the specialist I was put on medication to induce ovulation etc.

With still no luck in April 2020 we were advised to try an IUI. In the meantime preparing for our IUI I was researching a lot on how to help our chances at conceiving and success and I came across the lovely Tasha Jennings, Fertility nutritionist and naturopath. After only reading good things about Tasha we decided to book in.

From the first moment of speaking with Tasha I knew she could help us! We told her our story and background and she tailored a plan to suit us. Still working with our specialist and Tasha and after our first failed IUI we were advised that IVF was our next step. We planned for IVF to start in early September.

In the meantime Tasha had always said “I still believe I can get you pregnant naturally” I didn’t believe her!

Tasha is such a positive and knowledgeable woman and her help and guidance along the way has been nothing short of amazing. Our personalised, tailored plans which include vitamin supplements, lifestyle changes, recipes etc is something that we continually lived by.


End of August 2020 and we have just been to the pharmacy to pick up our IVF meds and waiting on day 1 of my cycle to start so we can begin. (Tasha got my cycles regular again, 28 days)

I am now on day 30 and no sign of my period. Decided to take a pregnancy test just to rule it out and it came back POSITIVE! We honestly could not believe it! We couldn’t wait to tell Tasha! She did it, we did it! We conceived naturally!

We learnt a lot from Tasha. One big thing she taught us was to be persistent and never give up. Thanks to Tasha and her incredible knowledge into fertility and nutrition we now have our beautiful baby girl.

I would never hesitate in recommending Tasha to anyone try to conceive, no matter how far you are into your journey, there’s always hope with her.

Thank you Tasha from the bottom of our hearts, it has been an absolute privilege working with you.

Jo’s Story

I am a mum to two beautiful, healthy children and am so grateful to Tasha for helping us on our fertility journey. My husband and I got pregnant very quickly with our firstborn and it was a fairly easy pregnancy. Being older parents, we knew if we wanted more kids, it would need to happen sooner rather than later.

Just before our son’s first birthday, I found out I was pregnant again. Unfortunately, I miscarried at just 8 weeks. We would soon discover that we could get pregnant easily but would struggle to keep our babies. I would go on to miscarry four times in total before I decided to make contact with Tasha.

Tasha was so supportive and caring and she not only helped prepare my body physically but mentally too.

I finally felt like I was doing something proactively to get my body ready for pregnancy and Tasha was always there to answer any questions or offer support. It didn’t take long before I fell pregnant again and this time had a very successful pregnancy.

Tasha continued to support me throughout my pregnancy by answering any questions and prescribing iron supplements when I found out I was iron deficient in my third trimester.


We are now blessed to have a beautiful daughter and couldn’t imagine life without her!

I am so grateful to have found Tasha and cannot recommend her services highly enough. She gave me answers and solutions when medical doctors failed. We can’t thank her enough for helping us complete our family. x

Ann’s Story

I am 42 years old and always knew that I want to be a mum one day but postponed the plan as I wanted to focus and build on my career and achieve some personal goals in life prior to having a baby. Unfortunately, when I was ready to conceive it didn’t happen as I planned.

Prior to meeting Tasha, I have been trying to conceive naturally and through IVF for 4 years and during this period I have gone through 6 failed IVF cycles.

My first IVF doctor (after going through 4 failed cycles with him), told me that he cannot help me. No diagnosis was identified. I was then introduced to my amazing second IVF doctor. Through her, I was introduced to Tasha.

Tasha helped me to realise the importance of improving my health prior to conceiving. It’s not just about continuously trying to conceive but it is important to get my inner health right to ensure the highest possibility of conception. 

Tasha took the time to listen and understand my situation, she provided me with lots of valuable advice. I was introduced to a whole new lifestyle that was easy to follow but I never know in the past that it is important for my fertility plan.

Tasha told me to put my next IVF cycle on hold for 3 months, get my health right and then try again. I followed everything she said and I fell pregnant after 3 months!

Throughout my pregnancy, Tasha was there for me and provided me with care and advice. I had the most amazing pregnancy. It was easy, I was happy and positive and my baby was very healthy. Fast forward to today, my baby is now 6 weeks old, extremely healthy and I recovered from my C section really well and quickly.

I really would like to thank Tasha for her care and professional guidance. She is the best and I sincerely wish all women out there trying to conceive would come to know her.

Thank you Tasha, I am so grateful that I came to know you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Natasha’s Story

I started seeing Tasha when I was 35. My husband and I had been actively trying to conceive for three and a half years without a single positive pregnancy test. After two failed IVF cycles I wanted to make sure that my egg quality was as good as possible before starting our third cycle.

I wanted to work with a professional who would provide me with personalised advice, not just rely on the generalised information you can find on the internet and in books.

Tasha was great to work with. I felt really supported along the way.

After my initial consultation I had a number of blood tests done to check various vitamin and nutrient levels. From there Tasha identified some additional supplements I should be taking, as well as recommending some better quality supplements and adjusting levels of vitamins I was already taking.

As well as starting me on some additional supplements Tasha also suggested some tweaks to my diet to deal with my endometriosis. I was so surprised that some of the healthy foods I had been eating to improve my fertility were actually inflammatory and working against me!

My third cycle of IVF was our best one. I became pregnant with my now 6 month old son, and for the first time had an embryo we were able to freeze. I believe that the tweaks Tasha made to my diet and supplements played a vital role in this.

I would recommend Tasha’s services to anyone struggling to conceive. I wish I hadn’t waited until I had two failed IVF cycles under my belt before I worked with her.

Improving your egg quality is such an important part of conceiving and something you should start working on before you have to go down the path of assisted reproductive treatment.

I will definitely be working with Tasha again before we start trying for baby number two!


Laura and Alek’s Story

After 2 years of marriage, my husband and I decided that we would stop trying to not conceive and just see what happens. I had been on the pill for around 6 years so I thought it would be as easy as stopping and falling pregnant within a few months. After about 3 years it was a bit concerning that I hadn’t “accidentally” fallen pregnant, so we decided to ensure that we were timing intercourse during my fertile period.

Another 3 years passed and it was then obvious that we needed help. I was 36 years old and we decided to start IVF as my fertility clock was winding down. After many blood tests it was determined that we had unexplained infertility.

I started a stimulation cycle and had an egg collection which resulted in 13 eggs. After 5 days there was 1 viable embryo remaining which was of poor quality. It was transferred into me and then we waited for the result. Negative.

We then decided to do another stimulation cycle which resulted in 17 eggs. After 5 days we had 4 viable embryos. This time I started acupuncture and had acupuncture done before and after the transfer. The transfer was unsuccessful.

We decided that we would let my body recover from all the hormones that I had been injecting and try a natural cycle in a few months. The thaw transfer resulted in a positive pregnancy. It was a surprise and shock but we were thrilled. I went to the 6 week ultrasound at the fertility specialists to discover that I had a miscarried. I felt that the world had come crashing down around me and remember asking the receptionist if I can wait in the waiting room, trying desperately to stop crying. Two weeks later I had a D&C to remove the embryo.

I decided that I would change fertility specialists and transferred the 2 remaining embryos to the new clinic. I was then put on very intense medications and hormones leading up to the transfer. The medications lowered my immunity and I suffered an awful chest infection. I went ahead with the transfer anyway as it seemed a waste of the pain and suffering I had gone through to cancel the transfer. I wasn’t surprised that it was negative.

In the meantime, a week before the transfer I started seeing Tasha. We went through my history, looked at my diet and she set up a plan for me.

After my negative result we met again and I recall Tasha saying that from the information I have given her she was confident that I was fertile and would be able to get pregnant. I looked at her with disbelief – after almost 8 years of trying it would be impossible.

Anyway, my diet was pretty good and I only needed a few tweaks plus some supplements to support my stress levels. I planned to get my mind and body in harmony and then try IVF again in 6 months.

I monitored my temperature to chart fertility and determine when I ovulated. The second month my husband and I used the information to ensure that we timed intercourse according to my temperature chart. I remember having a very carefree month and was super surprised to discover that I was pregnant (naturally!).

I continued to work with Tasha, to eat and supplement to support my pregnancy. I had a really relaxed and lovely pregnancy.

My baby boy decided that he couldn’t wait to come into the world and was born at 35 weeks. Even though he was premature, he was born healthy with no issues.

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