Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Conceive Baby podcast, I am joined by Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva who provides expert insights into  the transformative advancements in reproductive medicine, particularly international egg donation. Dr. Dorofeyeva brings a wealth of knowledge, having pioneered groundbreaking work in assisted reproduction technologies. Our discussion centres around how international egg donation functions in Australia, the way donors are selected, the detailed information provided about donors, and the prospects of achieving a healthy pregnancy through egg donation.

The rise of egg donation has provided hope for many couples battling insurmountable fertility barriers. Dr. Uliana explains the recruitment and ethical considerations in the process of egg donation in Australia while clarifying the misconceptions around compensation in such arrangements. As we delve deeper into the selection mechanisms, Dr. Uliana talks about the AI-driven processes that enhance the quality and potential of the donor eggs, improving the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Key Takeaways:

  • International egg donation is offering hope to couples facing significant fertility challenges, operating within the legal and ethical frameworks of the respective countries.
  • Egg donors are meticulously screened and educated about the process, with their motivation being largely altruistic in nature.
  • Advanced AI technology is employed to select high-quality eggs, considering multiple factors to increase the efficacy of egg donation treatments.
  • Prospects for successful pregnancies using donor eggs are considerably high, especially with the advancement of AI and thorough genetic testing.
  • It’s important for the recipient mother to adopt a healthy lifestyle to create an optimal environment for embryo implantation and pregnancy progression.


About the Guest(s):

Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva is an esteemed figure in the realm of assisted reproductive technology with comprehensive expertise in advanced fertility treatments. Her professional journey began with a deep-seated desire to enter the medical field, inspired by the profound impact medical professionals had on saving lives and improving quality of life. Dr. Dorofeyeva’s extensive knowledge base covers a multitude of techniques including artificial insemination, ovarian stimulation, embryo transfers, and reproductive medicine. With a focus on the latest research and technologies, she specialises in intricate procedures like intracytoplasmic sperm injection, assisted hatching, and mitochondrial donations.

Currently, she is associated with Ovogene, a global European egg bank, and actively engages in assisting international patients with their fertility challenges.

Contact Information:

LinkedIn: Uliana Dorofeyeva https://www.linkedin.com/in/uliana-dorofeyeva?originalSubdomain=ua

Instagram: instagram.com/dr.uliana.dorofeyeva







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