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Creating a healthy baby with Tasha Jennings
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How to increase IVF success
Improve IVF Success Rates Naturally with Tasha Jennings

Tasha Jennings is an energetic, passionate and highly engaging speaker. She combines personal and professional experience with the latest evidence in her field. I have no hesitation recommending Tasha for your next event or conference.

MELISSA GRANT, Director - The Ternity Group

Tasha Jennings is very dedicated and passionate about the work she does.

Her knowledge is very extensive and research based. It’s a pleasure to listen to her speaking.

RAFAEL SERRANO REAL, Clinical Nurse Educator, Melbourne Reproductive Services, Royal Womens Hospital Melbourne

Tasha Jennings is a passionate and engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge to share from both professional and personal experience.

I highly recommend making time to see her speak if you have the opportunity. It will change your life – and your outcomes!

CHARMAINE DENNIS, Fertile Ground Health Group

I highly recommend Tasha Jennings as a fascinating, interactive and compelling public speaker

Tasha is a dedicated, knowledgeable and renowned expert in the fertility field. Her passion and commitment in educating others is clearly evident in her presentations.

She is well researched, evidence based and meticulous in her public speaking. I highly recommend Tasha as a fascinating, interactive and compelling public speaker with a diverse knowledge base.

LAUREN FRAIL, Fertility Nurse Educator