About the Guest(s):

Sarah and her partner embarked on their journey to parenthood later in life, experiencing heartbreak of multiple miscarriages and the devastation of numerous failed IVF treatments before the wonderful natural conception of their daughter, Hattie. With a science background and a knack for research, Sarah was proactive in taking ownership over her fertility journey. As a new Mum to thriving little Hattie, Sarah is kindly sharing her story to help you overcome similar challenges to help create your healthy pregnancy and your happy, healthy baby.

Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Conceive Baby podcast, host Tasha Jennings, a fertility naturopath and nutritionist, leads a heartfelt discussion with Sarah Cumming, whose fertility journey epitomizes courage and the will to pursue every available option towards achieving parenthood. Sarah’s candid recount of her experiences, from natural conception efforts to the whirlwind of IVF and nutrition strategies, provides invaluable insights for those navigating a similar path.

Sarah Cumming’s personal story begins with the optimism of conceiving naturally and progresses through the trials of recurrent miscarriages and IVF cycles, interlaced with a determination to leave no stone unturned.

She advocates for proactivity in fertility health, especially for women over 35, and integrates scientific evidence into her approach, emphasizing the role of specific dietary modifications and supplements. Following three demanding years of hope and loss, Sarah’s story of natural conception and birth of her daughter, Hattie, is a testament to perseverance and the power of hope. She hopes her story can offer hope, advice and inspiration for others on their journey to pregnancy over 35.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of maintaining hope despite the challenges of a fertility journey marked by miscarriages and IVF.
  • Embracing dietary and lifestyle changes as a means to improve fertility outcomes, focusing on what can be added to the diet instead of restrictions.
  • The effectiveness of combined medical and naturopathic approaches to fertility, acknowledging both science and nutrition.
  • The value of being informed and proactive about fertility options, with an emphasis on evidence-based practices.
  • Accepting and managing the emotional roller coaster of the fertility journey, including the grief and hope cycles.


Timestamp Summary
[0:07] A Fertility Journey Through Miscarriages to Natural Conception
[3:29] Choosing Science-Based Fertility Support
[5:50] Trials and Heartbreak in IVF Journeys
[7:36] Triumph Over Infertility and the Joy of Unexpected Pregnancy
[11:25] Empowerment Through the Fertility Journey
[14:25] Transformative Dietary Changes Without Restriction
[18:06] Empowerment Through Targeted Supplement Programs
[20:39] Challenges and Strategies in Fertility Journeys Over 40
[21:28] Embracing Grief and Inequity in Fertility Struggles
[24:23] Optimizing Health for Successful IVF Outcomes
[25:35] Embracing Setbacks in Pursuit of Goals
[26:38] Supportive Dietary Changes During IVF
[28:12] Embracing Motherhood Amidst Anxiety and Joy
[30:20] Perseverance and Hope in Fertility Journeys




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