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In this episode, I welcome back the lovely Dr. Genia Rozen. Genia is a Gynaecologist and Fertility specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. She has a special interest in in medical fertility preservation, and she is the deputy head of the Fertility Preservation Service at the Royal Women’s Hospital.

Genia, in collaboration with her colleagues recently published a paper titled, ‘The ovarian hyperstimulation that truly matters: Admissions, severity and prevention strategies’ and she kindly shares her research insights with us.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a common but serious complication of IVF. This episode, Genia provides strategies to manage OHSS, the role of medications, severity classifications, symptoms and prevention.

We discuss medications, triggers and doses and why freezing embryos instead of transferring them in a fresh cycle can provide a healthier environment for implantation. We also dive into the essential role doctors play in personalising the medication regimen for individual patients, allowing for a safer, more effective IVF journey.

Genia also reiterates the importance of preconception health and proactive prevention strategies for OHSS, the benefits of being well-informed and the role your Health Care team play in providing optimal care throughout the IVF journey.

I hope you enjoy this informative discussion!

You can find out more about Dr Rozen at her website http://www.geniarozen.com.au

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