Probiotics and Your Microbiome Emma Park

Your microbiome plays a crucial role in your reproductive health, affecting hormone metabolism, inflammation, immune function, receptivity to pregnancy and more.

The reproductive system was once considered a sterile environment, but recent research has shown the presence of a microbiome not only in the gut and vagina but also in the ovaries, fallopian tube and uterus!

Imbalances in this microbiome can lead to reduced pregnancy rates and increased risk of miscarriage.

And it’s not just women! Sperm health is also affected by imbalances in their microbiome.

So how do you ensure a healthy microbiome?

How do you even know if yours is healthy or not?

Does this mean you should take a probiotic?

Which strains are actually effective?

We cover all this and more with a wonderful colleague Functional Nutritionist Emma Park.

Emma Park is an accredited Functional Nutritionist based on the Mornington Peninsula. Emma is an industry leader in the field of Gut Health and the Microbiome.

Her passion for education sees her routinely present to groups regarding nutrition, gut health and the microbiome and its role in general health, wellness and healthy ageing, as well as fertility, pregnancy, lactation and paediatrics.

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