Each month your only have a 24 hour window in which to conceive. Knowing when your unique fertile window is greatly increases your chances of falling pregant. And no, unless you have a text book cycle, it’s not always day 14!

In this informative podcast I speak with Dr Kerry Hamptom who will explain why it’s so important to understand your cycle (and not rely on apps!), how to identify your unique fertile window and increase your chances of falling pregnant.

Natural Fertility Specialist, Author and Researcher Dr Kerry Hampton, (RN, RM, Grad Dip Health Ed, MA Women’s Studies, PhD) completed her PhD research on this topic which concluded that most women presenting to fertility clinics were not aware of their fertile window.

In her doctoral study, Kerry identified several key elements of a future primary care model to help maximize natural conception and reduce unnecessary assisted fertility treatment. For this work, Kerry was the recipient of the 2015 Monash University, School of Primary Health Care Best Thesis Award. She has presented her research findings widely at conferences and achieved several peer reviewed publications. And I am thrilled to have her presenting her amazing research and valuable information for the Conceive Baby Webinar Series.

Kerry is a leader in her field, being the author and co-author of two endorsed health practitioner training programs: Comprehensive Course in Natural Fertility Education and Advanced Practice in Natural Fertility Education.