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In this episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast, we’re talking about a topic which really affects us all. In fact you’re probably using it right now to listen to this podcast. And that’s WIFI.

Most of us are surrounded by electromagnetic fields and using them daily. Although we can’t touch them, see them or feel them, they are affecting us.

In this episode we delve into the impact they are having on our fertility and how we can minimise that impact to improve our fertility health and pregnancy outcomes.

And to help dive into this topic, I’m joined by my wonderful colleague Nicole Bjilsma.

Nicole is a building biologist, bestselling author, just finishing up her PhD and CEO of the Australian College of Environmental Studies, which she established in 1999 to educate people about the health hazards in the built environment. Nicole is the founder of the Building Biology movement within Australia.

Nicole is published in peer reviewed journals, has written extensively for Body+Soul newspaper, is regularly consulted by the media to discuss electromagnetic fields and toxic chemicals, and lectures in Australia and internationally at medical conferences about environmental health issues.

In this episode Nicole shares her insights into what WIFI really is and how it impacts our health. Specifically, how WIFI is impacting our fertility as well as simple strategies to help protect yourself from the impact of these devices we rely so heavily on.



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