In this episode I speak with Dr Jemma Evans about the impact of your diet on the most important and amazing organ when it comes to fertility, and that’s the uterus.

We hear a lot these days about egg health in relation to fertility, which is obviously super important but there is another important player and that’s your baby’s first home.

The place where this tiny fertilised egg will have the opportunity to grow into a thriving, healthy baby.

The health of the uterus plays an important role in supporting implantation and supporting the health and development of this precious new life.

In this episode we delve deeper into the role of the uterus, as well as ways to optimise uterine health, through diet, to improve your chances of conceiving and carrying your beautiful, healthy baby.

Jemma will be sharing exclusive insights from her new research.

Jemma is a research scientist with a focus on understanding the endometrium, the inner lining of the uterus into which the embryo must implant.

Her previous work has contributed to significant changes in IVF, by characterising the endometrium in women during IVF cycles, and demonstrating that, in most cases, a ‘hostile’ local environment is presented to the embryo.  This has led to a significant increase in the number of frozen embryo transfer cycles being undertaken.

Her current area of research aims to improve the local environment within the uterus to provide an optimal ‘home’ for the baby by intervening well before conception.

She has identified a ‘toxic’ inflammatory environment within the uterus which appears to compromise endometrial quality, embryo implantation and development of the placenta.

Jemma is about to embark on a clinical trial to determine if a simple dietary intervention can improve the local uterine environment leading to improved fertility and pregnancy health.

She hopes this will also improve the long-term health of the child as the environment within the uterus can determine if the child will develop health disorders such as diabetes and obesity later in life.

I love her mantra which is healthy uterus, healthy pregnancy, healthy life!


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