In today’s episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast we’re talking about a topic which is growing enormously and that’s Fertility over 40. I know in my practice I’m seeing more and more women starting or growing their families in their 40s.

But biologically, how fertile are we? What are your chances, really? And what can you do to stack the odds in your favour.

Today we’re going to be answering all these questions and more with the lovely Angela Hywood, who understands this topic intimately, both personally and professionally.

Angela is an experienced naturopathic clinician with over 20 years of clinical experience. She runs a busy clinic in Perth Western Australia, specialising in integrative endocrinology, fertility and women’s health.

Prior to Angela’s career in naturopathy, she studied at the School of Pharmacy, Curtin University of Technology.

Angela practiced at the world-renowned Jocelyn Centre of Natural Fertility Management, Australia’s first specialist practice in the area of Preconception Health Care & Fertility Management and has dedicated her career to fertility and women’s health practice. With her uniquely integrative approach she has assisted many of couples overcome their fertility obstacles and fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

Angela shares my passion for helping couples become parents and seeing healthy families thrive. She is a mother of two little ones herself, both carefully and consciously planned and both naturally conceived (after 40).

Angela has written a chapter on miscarriage for a medical text book, and in addition to her practice and education roles, Angela is a well-known featured speaker at complementary and integrative medicine conferences nationally and internationally.


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