In this episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast we talk about preconception testing.

When should you be speaking with your GP?

Which test should you be getting done?

What about your partner?

Getting the right tests can help identify and address issues nice and early to set you on the right path to a healthy pregnancy.

I know I see some patients who come to me with folders of tests after a few months, others have barely any after years of trying, even through IVF.

I find a good GP plays an important role in this process and I love working with GPs to help facilitate the tests needed for patients.

To help delve into this topic is the lovely Ali Hodgkinson.

Ali is a GP in Sydney with a specialist interest in women’s health, fertility and paediatrics.

Ali has lived experience of infertility and conceived her twins through IVF.

After realising the challenge of parenting doesn’t stop with conception, she has recently become accredited in Neuroprotective Developmental Care.

Also known as the ‘Possum’s Programs’, this evidence based parenting program aims to protect healthy brain development for infants as well as supporting parents during the very challenging time.

Ali is passionate about helping parents from pre-conception, through the neonatal period and beyond.


Find out more about Dr Ali Hodgkinson at the links below:

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