In this episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast I’m speaking with a special guest who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for a number of years, to help support patients towards their healthy pregnancies and whose name is really synonymous with fertility.  That’s renowned gynaecologist, IVF and Fertility Specialist Dr Lynn Burmeister.

Dr Lynn Burmeister is a renowned gynaecologist IVF and Fertility Specialist and the owner and Medical Director at No. 1 Fertility.  Dr Burmeister holds the highest degree for a fertility specialist, a CREI, which is a 3-year degree on top of her obstetrics and gynaecology training.

She spent two years of this specialised training working with world fertility leader Professor Zev Rosenwaks.

Since then, she has worked in obstetrics and fertility for more the 20 years and recently opened her own clinic, No.1 Fertility, in Collins St Melbourne in 2018. No.1 Fertility now also has clinics in East Melbourne, Geelong and Epworth Richmond and they are absolutely beautiful.

If you have watched our Instagram lives, you would know we are both passionate about helping women and couples create healthy egg and sperm to improve chances of creating a healthy pregnancy and we’ve had many discussions over the years about optimising egg and sperm health.

But today we’re going to be talking about what happens next.  What happens after you’ve done this great prep work.  You’ve had an egg collection and now you’re leaving your precious egg and sperm and your hopes of a future baby, with your fertility clinic.

What actually happens to your egg and sperm after they’re collected?  What can be done to help ensure they have the best chance of becoming your future baby.  And how can new AI technology support the best outcomes.


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