Infertility is a team sport.  Yet, for many, the focus is on the woman.  Not only in regards to preconception health, testing, treatment and diagnosis, but also around emotional health and support.

Jon Summers is leading the charge when it comes to opening up this conversation around infertility for men.

Just like women, men can experience a fertility diagnosis. And just like women, that diagnosis brings it uncertainty, fear, guilt and all sorts of emotional turbulence. Many men feel negative emotions as they watch their partners suffer, both with the burden of fertility treatment and also the pain that they may feel for their missing baby.

After surviving testicular cancer, Jon and his partner Laura went through 15 IVF cycles, 2 sperm retrieval surgeries and thousands of injections. They discovered that infertility is a marathon that requires strength and resilience.

Jon’s pragmatic yet jovial approach to the challenge of infertility helps to ease a bit of the burden, especially for men.

In this episode, Jon shares his personal infertility journey, what he has learned along the way (and the mistakes he’d like to help you avoid!) as well as his tips and advice for navigating the journey through infertility.


Jon and his wife Laura have recently released their book A Man’s Guide to Infertility, which I had the pleasure of contributing to as part of their panel of world-renowned fertility experts.  Now available on Amazon.


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