Christmas has been described as ‘the perfect storm’ when it comes to coping with infertility. Happy families, Santa, children. When all that’s on your Christmas list is a baby, it can be all too much. In this podcast we address this often unspoken issue with a very personal story.

Sophie Sulehria is a BBC reporter. She and her husband Jonny started IVF after being told they would not be able to conceive naturally due to Sophie’s endometriosis and low ovarian reserve. But six failed rounds and forty thousand pounds later, the couple came to realise the treatment wasn’t working for them. They knew they would need to consider other options if they want to have a family.

Sophie and Jonny have since decided to share their journey with Radio 4’s PM Programme. “Our Fertility Journey” follows the couple as they meet people who have found alternative ways to have a child. They have shared their experience in the hope that it will help others, and help them find another way to be a family.