In this informative podcast series I interview leading experts from across the globe about a range of fertility issues from miscarriage and diminished ovarian reserve to stress, endometriosis, egg freezing, donor conception, surrogacy and more.

Sugar And Fertility with Assoc Prof Louise Hull

Most of us know that too much sugar is generally not great for us. We shouldn't be eating too many cakes and lollies because it contributes to weight gain and inflammation. In this webinar, we look beyond the diet. Beyond the calories and find out what sugar is...

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IVF Explained – with Prof Michael Chapman

In this podcast I speak with one of Australia’s most highly respected fertility specialists, Professor Michael Chapman Dr Chapman is the co-founder of IVF Australia. He is a busy clinician who has personally been involved in fertility care resulting in over 3000...

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Finding Meaning in Infertility – with Jessica Hepburn

What an amazing discussion. It was such a pleasure to speak with Jessica Hepburn, one of the leading patient voices on fertility, infertility and assisted conception. Jessica has also just been named Woman of the Week in Stylist Magazines Visible Woman Series. A year...

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Overcoming Endometriosis with Leah Hectman

In this episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast I discuss one of the most common conditions affecting women’s reproductive health. Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a complex condition and medical treatments are limited. This is where natural medicine comes in. There are...

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Embryo Freezing – Your Rights And Options

In this Conceive Baby discussion we talk about quite a controversial topic in the fertility field. A topic that’s received significant media attention, which has raising many questions and concerns from those going through or considering IVF treatment. Embryo...

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