In this episode of the Conceive Baby Podcast I speak with Wellness Chef and one of my favourite cook book authors Tony Chiodo about nourishing your future child through delicious, healthy food.

Tony Chiodo is the creator of a unique style of wellness cuisine. He delivers heartfelt, soulful food through his programs, retreats and internationally acclaimed cookbooks.

The unique flavour of Tony’s food, blends his French culinary training, with an Italian heritage and Asian techniques. Chiodo’s is real world food with a sound ideological base. He delivers his brand of “whole”foods with infectious enthusiasm and a holistic approach to what we eat.

Tony Chiodo can sometimes be found transforming Corporations, one mouthful at a time, through his wellness presentations and corporate canteen menu designs. Here, he also offers chefs and cooks his unique “vital chef” wholefoods nutrition and lifestyle education program.

Trained and practiced in more than a hundred dietary theories, studied a variety of lifestyle coaching methods and certified from the Kushi Institute (USA) and Institute for Integrative Nutrition (USA)

His recipes have appeared in Vogue Entertaining and Travel, Vogue Living and Australian Gourmet Traveler, The Age Vegetarian Cookbook, The Age Seafood Cookbook and his first cookbook ‘Eating Well’. His new book “Feel Good Food” was released in 2011.

Tony’s approach brings some true and lasting change, together with a good dose of nourishment!