Are hidden toxins around your home affecting your fertility?

In this informative webinar I speak with Healthy Home Expert Nicole Bijlsma about how you may be unknowingly affecting your chances of a healthy pregnancy and what you can do to create a more fertile environment.

Nicole is a building biologist, bestselling author, PhD candidate and CEO of the Australian College of Environmental Studies which she established in 1999 to educate people about the health hazards in the built environment. And having experienced miscarriage and fertiity issues herself, Nicole is extremely knowedgeable and passionate about this field.

Nicole has published in peer reviewed journals, written extensively for Body+Soul, is regularly consulted by the media to discuss electromagnetic fields and toxic chemicals and lectures in Australia and internationally at medical conferences. Nicole and her husband Mark manufacture the AbodeĀ® cleaning product range (health food store brand) developed for people with skin and chemical sensitivities.