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Tasha Jennings Your Fertile Pantry Checklist

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Hi, I’m Tasha Jennings, a Qualified Fertility Naturopath, and I put together this checklist based on my 20 years of experience helping women and couples improve their health and fertility wellbeing.

It’s been such a pleasure to help so many women and couples conceive and carry their healthy babies using some of the strategies I outline in this checklist.


We are forever grateful for your guidance and support

“I truly believe that without Tasha’s guidance and help I would not have become a first-time mum!”
EMILY (43)


It’s a baby girl! I still can’t believe this has happened

“I still can’t believe this has happened. Thank you again for helping us get here.”
VICKI (38)

Bec and Luke

Such an incredible support for me during this process

“Seriously Tasha, I can’t thank you enough! You are such an incredible support for me during this process.

Of all the things I’ve tried and complementary treatments to my fertility journey none have come close to the results, knowledge, kindness and support that you provide! I’m not religious but if I was, I’d say God Bless you!!!”

Natasha and Finn

I was so surprised that some of the healthy foods I had been eating were actually working against me!

I was so surprised that some of the healthy foods I had been eating to improve my fertility were actually inflammatory and working against me! My next cycle of IVF was our best one. I became pregnant with my son, and for the first time had an embryo we were able to freeze. I believe that the tweaks Tasha made to my diet and supplements played a vital role in this.”

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